Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Parsis

One of the reasons I know about Parsis is my mixed parentage. My mother is a Parsi. However, this isn't a very good reason to know about any religious community because there are a number of people who might be born in certain religious communities but they might not know anything about their roots or origins.

The Parsis have often been described as India's most westernized community. This wouldn't be an incorrect description. They have played a great role in the development of modern India and one would be amazed by their contributions. The Parsis are also great at melding into a culture so well that the others might not even be aware of their great and lasting contributions. Often, I find that little or nothing is written about the Parsis in the media. They are rarely profiled in electronic India. This is why I have started this blog so that I could showcase all the wonderful achievements of this interesting community.


Most of you might not have even heard of Parsis, which is certainly very strange. But one can't really blame you if you are unaware of such a small, minuscule religious community in the world. I have often read about the persecution of minorities and how minorities in various countries have politicians who try to espouse their cause. But I have never read any politician taking up the cause of the Parsis.